The J&M Lighting Course - BASICS of Flash Edition

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The J&M Lighting Course - BASICS of Flash Edition is our two-week intro course in lighting for photographers that teaches you everything you need to know about the basics of using your flash. This is the perfect course for someone who is brand new to flash and looking for help on getting started.

We have jam-packed this two week course (15 modules + 5 BONUS modules!) to walk you through everything you need to know to learn your flash components, modes, menus, and how to put your light to WORK for you to feel just like natural light by teaching you the 12 Characteristics of Light and how to put them into practice using your on camera flash. We'll have homework & drills for you to follow along with, so you can put everything you're learning into practice right away!

Included in the J&M Lighting Course-BASICS of Flash Edition:

  • Two Weeks of Modules with Immediate & LIFETIME Access!
  • 5 BONUS Modules walking through the specifics of the different major flash models that work with Nikon & Canon
  • Our BONUS J&M OCF Buying Guide with budget, better & best recommendations for each piece of gear you'll need. Never worry about which gear to invest in again!
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