J&M The Lighting Intensive 3-Part Payment Plan - New Haven, CT - April 5, 2023

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The J&M Lighting Course Plus the In-Person Lighting Intensive Workshop! By signing up, you agree to make two more payments of $450 by April 1, 2023.

What is the J&M Lighting Course?

The J&M Lighting Course is a self-paced, 6-week course in lighting for photographers that teaches exactly how to capture each moment of a wedding day. We put a decade’s worth of experience into 50+ modules designed to give you all you need to advance your craft. 

What is the J&M Lighting Intensive?

It’s an eight hour, super-intensive, but incredibly fun, hands-on lighting extravaganza with one goal in mind: no one goes home that night until they feel 100% more confident that they could fully rock their flash at their next wedding or portrait shoot. We’ll show you our complete approach for on-camera & off-camera set ups (Including our basic one-light set up and more advanced lighting, incorporating multiple set ups and other light modifiers), as well as our dimensional approach to natural light. And then we’ll get to the real work: working side by side with you as you use your camera and YOUR flash to achieve the same results. We’ll have a table set up and model available, so there’ll be plenty to shoot. And we’re keeping space limited to make sure we can work with you until every question is answered. But one thing is certain. You will be using these set ups by the end of the night & you’ll go home with a working knowledge for how to rock the light no matter the situation. Dark rooms, brown walls, pink uplighting… we got you covered! And yes, I know, words like “hands-on” and “intensive” can be really scary in you’re flash-phobic like I used to be. But by the end of the night, we're going to show you that if you aren't afraid of windows, then you don't have to fear your flash any more either (because we simply use the flash like portable windows!) We can't wait to see you there!

**Due to the limited nature of these seats, tickets are absolutely non-refundable. 

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