The J&M Lighting Course

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The J&M Lighting Course is a self-paced, 6-week course in lighting for photographers that teaches exactly how to capture each moment of a wedding day. We put a decade’s worth of experience into 50+ modules designed to give you all you need to advance your craft.

You’ll walk away from The J&M Lighting Course with:

Confidence knowing you can create consistent results no matter the light.
Knowledge on how to step away from safe, pretty-but-boring images, and create iconic art that’s publication-ready.

Expert-training on every moment of the wedding, so you never miss moments again.

Pricing you can be proud of, because you never have to worry that you could have served your clients better if only you’d done a better job with the lighting.
Assurance in your “why,” because you can confidently deliver on telling the whole day’s story for your client.

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