The "Bad Light" Bundle

Product image 1The "Bad Light" Bundle
Product image 2The "Bad Light" Bundle
Product image 3The "Bad Light" Bundle

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This includes 2 ebooks and 2 videos!

How to Make Your Flash Feel Natural Guide

What's Included:
    • The step by step process J&M will walk you though to use every time, in ANY room, to make your flash feel just like a window.
    • The 5 Characteristics of Light and how to use them to your advantage to match the flash to your signature style.
    • The 30 Second Lighting set up that you can take with you anywhere & how we travel with it, and a checklist of must have lighting gear.
    • Recommended starting settings for shooting details.
    • How to use the Relative Size of the Light & Contrast to achieve a flawless natural light style.
    • How to shoot small, medium, large, and special case details (like the perfume) & what you have to keep in mind for each of them.
    • Drawing your angles of light in tight spaces for dimensional, dynamic images
    • How to use light to make everything look more elegant & high end.
    • Before & After photos you'll have to see to believe, including the behind the scenes of what kinds of rooms we were working with.
    • Homework drills you can start working on to put the new knowledge into practice right away!!
    • A video version taught by J&M so you can see everything they teach in action!
The How to Deal with Bad Light Guide includes a step by step 20 minute video where you can WATCH us explain exactly how to dial in our signature “Black Box Approach” along with an accompanying guide that you can take with you to any shoot! When you grab this guide, you’ll have complete access to:
  • *Watching us dial in our settings and seeing in real time how each adjustment changes the image
  • *Our proven go to plan of attack for the exact order of settings to adjust to achieve beautiful light every time
  • *Video instruction for all you visual learners out there
  • *A companion guide for quick reference in the future
  • *Before & after’s that you’ll have to see to BELIEVE!
  • *The confidence of knowing that you can walk into ANY gross, mixed light and NEVER have to be afraid of it again!
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