MM 2-Day What's Next Writer's Getaway - June 2024

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Join Mary Marantz on June 5-6th 2024 (welcome party on the 4th!) for a power-packed two days - of both dreaming BIG dreams... AND some serious hands-on, roll up your sleeves, and get stuff DONE implementation. What would it be like to sit down with Mary and get real time feedback on all the moving parts that go into getting your BOOK ready to be brought out into the world?  

Here is just SOME of what we'll be covering:

*Implementing and getting your Quiz DONE!

*Podcast pitching: your pitch email & press kit

*Your author website audit

*The advanced level buzz-worthy launch

*The Author Business - Making money with your first tripwire

*A long tail marketing plan (because launch day is just the start)

*Book mapping mastermind - let's lay out your book together

*Marketing Plan mastermind

 *and so much more!! 

Please NOTE: Due to the limited nature of spots, seats are absolutely non-refundable for any reason. 

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